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Instagram plays a crucial role when it comes to the future of Facebook. Not only in terms of user activity but also in generating and driving ad revenue.

In addition to the Instagram Feed, the main focus is on Instagram Stories. The number of published stories is increasing, interactions are shifting from the feed to stories, and the frequency of ads will therefore also increase.

It is important to note that the frequency of ads can vary for individual users. Analyzes and tests are important indicators for Instagram by Facebook.

Directly consecutive Instagram Stories ads in the test

As AdWeek reports, Instagram is currently testing a new frequency or display of story ads. Instead of placing individual ads between organic stories, the test played two ads back-to-back. The test aims to determine how the arrangement of the ads affects their performance and user experience. Is it more effective to separate stories or maybe even better to always play two ads in a row?

If I were to think of pre-rolls, I would be in favor of running ads on Instagram Stories right now. So it is better to split up individual ads and not several ads in a row. The question will then also be which position is better or has an advantage. Position 1 or position 2?

Instagram ramps up ad frequency.

The Information has published an article worth reading on the development of Instagram and the influence of Facebook. When it comes to distribution and user growth, Instagram has certainly benefited greatly from Facebook.

Of course, Facebook doesn't do this without reason. Since Adam Mosseri took over the leadership of Instagram, there has been a clear announcement to significantly increase the ad frequency. There is talk of a doubling. Facebook's motivation is understandable, and it is further emphasized that all decisions take the user experience into account, even putting it ahead of economic interests.

For brands and companies, this development means that many of the insights from Facebook are already (or soon) applicable to Instagram. The already very high level of competition in the Instagram Feed and Stories space will continue to intensify, ad prices will increase, and Instagram will be looking for new placements for ads. An example of this is ads in the Instagram Explore section.

Although there are also ads for Facebook Stories, the attention of companies and agencies is clearly focused on Instagram Stories. It will be interesting when Facebook launches ads for WhatsApp Status, which is Facebook's most successful Stories product purely in terms of user numbers.

The possibilities for advertisers on Instagram are very diverse. As in all channels, however, it will be decisive how aggressively Instagram by Facebook (I write it like that) will proceed in the coming months and years. Instagram's growth isn't over yet, and it's becoming increasingly important for Facebook to convert that growth into ad revenue without annoying its users. Of course, whether this is possible also depends on us. Because the address, targeting, and the creative are also decisive for how natively advertising is integrated into the feed, learn more on ..!!

How do you feel about the discussions about ad frequency? Have you noticed an increase, and do you think this is affecting the user experience?